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Mishnayos Zevachim Perek 11 Mishnah 2

זבחים פרק י"א משנה ב׳


That is the halakha with regard to sin offerings fit for sacrifice. With regard to a disqualified sin offering, its blood does not cause a garment to require laundering whether the offering had a period of fitness when its blood was fit for presentation or whether it did not have a period of fitness. Which offering is the disqualified sin offering that had a period of fitness? It is one that was left overnight and then became disqualified; or it is one that became ritually impure; or it is one that emerged from of the Temple courtyard. Which offering is the disqualified sin offering that did not have a period of fitness? It is one that was slaughtered with the intent to eat it or present its blood beyond its designated time or outside its designated area; or it is one whose blood was collected by people disqualified for Temple service and they sprinkled its blood.

חַטָּאת פְּסוּלָה אֵין דָּמָהּ טָעוּן כִּבּוּס, בֵּין שֶׁהָיָה לָהּ שְׁעַת הַכֹּשֶׁר, בֵּין שֶׁלֹּא הָיָה לָהּ שְׁעַת הַכּשֶׁר. אֵיזוֹ הִיא שֶׁהָיָה לָהּ שְׁעַת הַכּשֶׁר. שֶׁלָּנָה, שֶׁנִּטְמְאָה, וְשֶׁיָּצְאָה. וְאֵיזוֹ הִיא שֶׁלֹּא הָיָה לָהּ שְׁעַת הַכּשֶׁר. שֶׁנִּשְׁחֲטָה חוּץ לִזְמַנָּהּ וְחוּץ לִמְקוֹמָהּ, וְשֶׁקִּבְּלוּ פְסוּלִין וְזָרְקוּ אֶת דָּמָה:


אין דמה טעון כבוס – as it is written (Leviticus 6:20): “and if any of its blood is splattered [upon a garment],” from blood that is fit, but not blood that is invalid.

שעת הכושר – for tossing/sprinkling.

שלנה – that its blood remained overnight.

ושקבלו פסולין – this is our reading. But we don’t read, “and when they tossed/sprinkled [its blood], for even an appropriate sin-offering whose blood was splattered on the clothing after the sprinkling of the blood idoes not require washing, as we have stated, “and if any of [its blood] is splattered,” (Leviticus 6:20), excluding that which that had already been splattered.

אין דמה טעון כבוס. דכתיב אשר יזה מדמה, מדם כשרה ולא מדם פסולה:

שעת הכושר. לזריקה:

שלנה. שלן דמה:

ושקבלו פסולין. גרסינן. ולא גרסינן ושזרקו, דהא אפילו חטאת כשרה שניתז דמה על גבי הבגד לאחר זריקת הדם אינו טעון כיבוס, כדאמרינן אשר יזה פרט לזה שכבר הוזה: