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Welcome to Mishnah.org, a dedicated platform for the comprehensive study of Mishnayos. Our mission is to enhance the learning experience and facilitate the making of a Siyum for Shloshim, Yahrzeits and other significant occasions through the use of our innovative Digital Mishnah Charts. This website could not have been possible without the dedicated efforts and contributions of the various individuals and organizations below.

Development and Design by Kervio

Kervio has been instrumental in bringing Mishnah.org to life. Their expertise in web development and design has not only shaped the aesthetics of our platform but also significantly enhanced the user experience. The intuitive layout, seamless navigation, and the overall digital environment of Mishnah.org are a testament to Kervio’s commitment to excellence in web solutions.

Translations and Texts from Sefaria

The heart of our learning resources – the Hebrew and English translations of the Mishnah – are generously provided by Sefaria. The English translation used on our site is licensed under the CC-BY-NC license. We are grateful for the opportunity to incorporate these valuable texts into our platform.

Hebrew Date Calculations

Our accurate and dynamic Hebrew date calculations are powered by PHP Zman, an exceptional tool for computing Hebrew dates and times. This open-source package plays a crucial role in aligning our Mishnah calendar and various other features with the Hebrew calendar system. It’s precision and reliability are vital in scheduling Siyumim and other events, ensuring that they correspond accurately with the Hebrew dates. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the PHP Zman team for their outstanding contribution to Mishnah.org.

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For more information, to share feedback, or to ask questions, please feel free to contact us. Your engagement is crucial for our continuous growth and improvement.