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Mishnayos Zevachim Perek 9 Mishnah 3

זבחים פרק ט׳ משנה ג׳


And these are the offerings whose disqualification did not occur in sanctity: An animal that copulated with a person, and an animal that was the object of bestiality, and an animal that was set aside for idol worship, and an animal that was worshipped as a deity, and an animal that was given as payment to a prostitute or as the price of a dog, and an animal born of a mixture of diverse kinds, and an animal with a wound that will cause it to die within twelve months [tereifa], and an animal born by caesarean section, and blemished animals. Rabbi Akiva deems blemished animals fit in the sense that if they ascended they shall not descend. Rabbi Ḥanina, the deputy High Priest, says: My father would reject blemished animals from upon the altar.

אֵלּוּ לֹא הָיָה פְסוּלָן בַּקֹּדֶשׁ, הָרוֹבֵעַ, וְהַנִּרְבָּע, וְהַמֻּקְצֶה, וְהַנֶּעֱבָד, וְהָאֶתְנָן, וְהַמְּחִיר, וְהַכִּלְאַיִם, וְהַטְּרֵפָה, וְהַיּוֹצֵא דֹפֶן, וּבַעֲלֵי מוּמִין. רַבִּי עֲקִיבָא מַכְשִׁיר בְּבַעֲלֵי מוּמִין. רַבִּי חֲנִינָא סְגַן הַכֹּהֲנִים אוֹמֵר, דּוֹחֶה הָיָה אַבָּא אֶת בַּעֲלֵי מוּמִין מֵעַל גַּבֵּי הַמִּזְבֵּחַ:


מכשיר בבעלי מומין – that if they went up, they should not come down, and especially withered spots in the eye and things similar to them Rabbi Akiva declared valid, for since they are valid/fit ab initio in birds. But not lacking a limb that invalidates birds.

דוחה היה אבא את בעלי מומין – if they went up, he would reject them, as if doing a thing with the back of the hand (i.e., in a manner different from the usual way of doing it), but he would not bring them down in public in a disgraceful manner. And in this, he disagrees with the first Tanna/teacher [of our Mishnah) who stated that they should come down. And the Halakha is according to Rabbi Hanina ben Antiginos [the adjutant High Priest].

מכשיר בבעלי מומין. דאם עלו לא ירדו. ודוקא בדוקין שבעין וכיוצא בהן הכשיר ר׳ עקיבא, הואיל והן כשרים לכתחילה בעופות. אבל במחוסר אבר דפסול בעופות, לא:

דוחה היה אבא את בעלי מומין. שאם עלו דוחה היה אותן כלאחר יד ולא היה מורידן דרך בזיון בפרהסיא, ובהא פליג אתנא קמא דאמר ירדו. והלכה כרבי חנינא בן אנטיגנוס: