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Mishnayos Pesachim Perek 7 Mishnah 5

פסחים פרק ז׳ משנה ה׳


If the meat of the Paschal lamb became ritually impure, and the fat remains pure and may be burned on the altar, one may not sprinkle the blood. On the other hand, if the fat became impure and the meat remains pure, one may sprinkle the blood because the meat remains fit to be eaten. This is the halakha with regard to a Paschal lamb, whose primary purpose is to be eaten by those who have registered for it. However, with regard to other offerings it is not so. Rather, although the meat has become impure and the fat remains pure, one may sprinkle the blood, because part of the offering still remains valid.

נִטְמָא הַבָּשָׂר וְהַחֵלֶב קַיָּם, אֵינוֹ זוֹרֵק אֶת הַדָּם. נִטְמָא הַחֵלֶב וְהַבָּשָׂר קַיָּם, זוֹרֵק אֶת הַדָּם. וּבַמֻּקְדָּשִׁין אֵינוֹ כֵן, אֶלָּא אַף עַל פִּי שֶׁנִּטְמָא הַבָּשָׂר וְהַחֵלֶב קַיָּם, זוֹרֵק אֶת הַדָּם:


The meat became impure but the forbidden fats remains [pure], one may not sprinkle [its] blood [on the alter] since the reason for the coming of the paschal sacrifice is for eating.

And it is not like this with [other] offerings that even if the meat becomes impure and the forbidden fats remain [pure], [its] blood is sprinkled.

נטמא בשר וחלב קיים אינו זורק את הדם דעיקר פסח לאכילת אדם אתי:

ובמוקדשים אינו כן. שאפילו נטמא בשר, וחלב קיים זורק את הדם: