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Mishnayos Nedarim Perek 4 Mishnah 8

נדרים פרק ד׳ משנה ח׳


If the one who vowed to render benefit from him forbidden and the one for whom benefit is forbidden were traveling together along the road and the one for whom benefit is forbidden does not have anything to eat, the one who from whom benefit is forbidden gives food to one other person as a gift, and it is permitted for that person for whom benefit is forbidden to eat the food because it no longer belongs to the one from whom benefit is forbidden. If there is no other person with them, the one who vowed places the food on the nearest rock or on the nearest fence and says: These food items are hereby rendered ownerless and are available to anyone who wants them. Then that person for whom benefit is forbidden takes and eats the food. Rabbi Yosei prohibits doing so.

הָיוּ מְהַלְּכִין בַּדֶּרֶךְ, וְאֵין לוֹ מַה יֹּאכַל, נוֹתֵן לְאַחֵר לְשׁוּם מַתָּנָה וְהַלָּה מֻתָּר בָּהּ. אִם אֵין עִמָּהֶם אַחֵר, מַנִּיחַ עַל הַסֶּלַע אוֹ עַל הַגָּדֵר וְאוֹמֵר, הֲרֵי הֵן מֻפְקָרִים לְכָל מִי שֶׁיַּחְפֹּץ, וְהַלָּה נוֹטֵל וְאוֹכֵל. וְרַבִּי יוֹסֵי אוֹסֵר:


ור"י אוסר – for since there isn’t there another who would be able to provide other than him, it is like a gift. But the Halakha is not according to Rabbi Yossi. But especially when he (i.e., the one who has taken a vow not to benefit from his fellow) has nothing to eat, that the Rabbis permit, but not with another person.

ור״י אוסר. דכיון שאין שם אחר שיכול לזכות אלא הוא, הוי כמתנה. ואין הלכה כר׳ יוסי. ודוקא באין לו מה יאכל הוא דשרו רבנן, אבל באינש אחרינא לא: