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Mishnayos Machshirin Perek 4 Mishnah 7

מכשירין פרק ד׳ משנה ז׳


If produce fell into a channel of water, and one whose hands were unclean put out his hands and took it, his hands become clean and the produce [also] remains clean. But if his intention was that his hands should be rinsed, his hands become clean and the produce comes under the law of ‘if water be put.’

פֵּרוֹת שֶׁנָּפְלוּ לְתוֹךְ אַמַּת הַמַּיִם, פָּשַׁט מִי שֶׁהָיוּ יָדָיו טְמֵאוֹת וּנְטָלָן, יָדָיו טְהוֹרוֹת וְהַפֵּרוֹת טְהוֹרִים. וְאִם חָשַׁב שֶׁיּוּדְחוּ יָדָיו, יָדָיו טְהוֹרוֹת וְהַפֵּרוֹת בְּכִי יֻתַּן:


ידיו טהורות – for we don’t require intention for non-holy produce. But if they were fruits/produce for tithes, and all the more so for heave-offering/priest’s due, his hands are ritually impure as they were, until he would intend to ritually immerse his hands.

והפירות טהורים – and they were not made susceptible [to receive ritual impurity] (as they fell of their own accord) for this was not considered falling.

ואם בשביל שיודחו ידיו (and if he gave thought that his hands should be rinsed off) – for he had intended to take the fruit/produce from the water, the fruit/produce is under the law of “when water is put,” (Leviticus 11:38), and they are fit/susceptible to receive ritual impurity from now on. For he had considered in this falling of fruit/produce to ritually wash his hands while lifting them up [out of the water], for these for him a liquid that ultimately will be intentional, and even though it is not intentional at the outset, they are under the law of “when water is put.”

ידיו טהורות. דלא בעינן כוונה לחולין. אבל אם היו פירות מעשר וכל שכן של תרומה, ידיו טמאות כשהיו, עד שיכוין להטביל ידיו:

והפירות טהורים. ולא הוכשרו, דלא אחשבה להך נפילה:

ואם בשביל שיודחו ידיו. נתכוין ליטול את הפירות מן המים, הפירות הרי הן בכי יותן ומוכשרים לקבל טומאה מכאן ולהבא דאחשבה להך נפילת פירות ליטול ידיו בהגבהתן, והוי ליה משקה שסופו לרצון, דאע''פ שאין תחילתו לרצון הרי זה בכי יותן: