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Mishnayos Maasros Perek 5 Mishnah 7

מעשרות פרק ה׳ משנה ז׳


Anthills which have remained the whole night near a pile of grain which was liable to tithe, [the grain found in them] is liable, since it is obvious that they [the ants] have been dragging away the whole night from something [of which the work] had been completed.

חוֹרֵי הַנְּמָלִים שֶׁלָּנוּ בְצַד הָעֲרֵמָה הַחַיֶּבֶת, הֲרֵי אֵלּוּ חַיָּבִים, שֶׁיָּדוּעַ שֶׁמִּדָּבָר הַגָּמוּר הָיוּ גּוֹרְרִין כָּל הַלָּיְלָה:


שלנו – an overnight.

הערימה החייבת – the pile which became obligated for tithing, as it is taught in the first chapter (Tractate Maaserot, Mishnah 6), and if he doesn’t give the pile an even shape, when he makes the pile.

שלנו. לינת לילה:

הערימה החייבת. הכרי שנתחייב במעשר, כההיא דתנן בפרק קמא ואם אינו ממרח משיעמיד ערימה: