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Mishnayos Kiddushin Perek 1 Mishnah 4

קידושין פרק א׳ משנה ד׳


A large domesticated animal is acquired by passing, when its current owner transfers it to a buyer by giving him the reins or the bit. And a small domesticated animal is acquired by lifting. This is the statement of Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Eliezer. And the Rabbis say: A small domesticated animal can be acquired by pulling also, and there is no need to lift it.

בְּהֵמָה גַסָּה נִקְנֵית בִּמְסִירָה, וְהַדַּקָּה בְּהַגְבָּהָה, דִּבְרֵי רַבִּי מֵאִיר וְרַבִּי אֱלִיעֶזֶר. וַחֲכָמִים אוֹמְרִים, בְּהֵמָה דַקָּה נִקְנֵית בִּמְשִׁיכָה:


במסירה – the owners transfer it to the purchaser by a bit or by its hair.

בהגבהה – but not by taking possession by drawing towards one’s self the object to be acquired

נקנית במשיכה – and even though that it is possible [to be acquired] by lifting, nevertheless, it is acquired by “pulling” (i.e., drawing towards oneself the object to be acquired), because it clutches [the ground], for she becomes strong with her nails by grasping through the ground. And the Halakhic decision is that whether [we are speaking of] a small animal or a large animal, it is acquired by “pulling” and all the more so by lifting up, for “pulling” acquires in a market-stand/alley adjoining an open place to which merchants retire to transact business, which is the corner of the public domain, or in the courtyard of both of them (i.e., the seller and the purchaser). But “pulling” purchases in the public domain or in a courtyard that does not [belong] to them both. And “lifting” acquires in any place. And all that it is customary [to acquire] through “lifting” is not acquired other than through lifting. And Something that is acquired by transferring is not acquired by pulling. And similarly, a thing that is acquired by “pulling” is not acquired by transferring.

במסירה. בעלים מוסרין אותה ללוקח באפסר או בשערה:

בהגבהה. ולא במשיכה:

נקנית במשיכה. ואע״ג דאפשר בהגבהה, מ״מ נקנית במשיכה, משום דמסרכא, שהיא מתחזקת בצפרניה תמיד ליאחז ע״ג קרקע. ופסק ההלכה, בין בהמה דקה בין בהמה גסה נקנית במשיכה וכ״ש בהגבהה. ומשיכה קונה בסימטא שהיא זוית של רשות הרבים, ובחצר של שניהם. ומסירה קונה ברה״ר, ובחצר שאינה של שניהם. והגבהה קונה בכל מקום. וכל מה שדרכו בהגבהה אינו נקנה אלא בהגבהה. ודבר הנקנה במסירה אינו נקנה במשיכה. וכן דבר הנקנה במשיכה אינו נקנה במסירה: