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Mishnayos Kesuvos Perek 13 Mishnah 2

כתובות פרק י"ג משנה ב׳


In the case of a husband who went overseas, and someone arose and sustained his wife in his absence, and upon the husband’s return the provider demands from him the money he spent on his wife, Ḥanan says: He has lost his money, i.e., the husband is not obligated to repay him, as the provider acted of his own free will and was not instructed to do so by the husband. The sons of High Priests disagreed with Ḥanan’s opinion and said: The man swears how much he spent on behalf of the woman, and he takes that sum from the husband. Rabbi Dosa ben Harkinas said that the halakha is in accordance with their statement. Rabbi Yoḥanan ben Zakkai said: Ḥanan spoke well in this case, as this man is like one who placed his money on the horn of a deer in midflight, i.e., he has no reasonable expectation of reimbursement.

מִי שֶׁהָלַךְ לִמְדִינַת הַיָּם וְעָמַד אֶחָד וּפִרְנֵס אֶת אִשְׁתּוֹ, חָנָן אוֹמֵר, אִבֵּד אֶת מְעוֹתָיו. נֶחְלְקוּ עָלָיו בְּנֵי כֹהֲנִים גְּדוֹלִים וְאָמְרוּ, יִשָּׁבַע כַּמָּה הוֹצִיא וְיִטֹּל. אָמַר רַבִּי דוֹסָא בֶן הַרְכִּינָס כְּדִבְרֵיהֶם. אָמַר רַבָּן יוֹחָנָן בֶּן זַכַּאי, יָפֶה אָמַר חָנָן, הִנִּיחַ מְעוֹתָיו עַל קֶרֶן הַצְּבִי:


אבד את מעותיו – that he said, “I did not say to you, lend me and I will pay it back,” but if he lent the woman money for her support/maintenance on the condition that she should pay him, he makes a claim [against her] and she makes a claim the husband and he pays. But if the husband claims, “I left her support,” and she states, “he did not leave me, and wants to remove [money] from him, the husband takes an oath of inducement (an oath instituted by the Sages where the defendant completely denies a claim, based upon the tradition of Rav Nahman – to clear himself of suspicion), and he is exempted, and the moneys would be liability upon her when she becomes a widow or a divorcee, and in this Mishnah also, the Halakha is according to Rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai.

איבד את מעותיו. דאמר, לא אמרתי לך הלויני ואני אפרע. אבל אם הלוה את האשה מעות למזונותיה על מנת שתשלם לו, הוא תובעה והיא תובעת את הבעל וישלם. ואם הבעל טוען הנחתי לה מזונות, והיא אומרת לא הניח ורוצה להוציא ממנו, נשבע הבעל שבועת היסת ונפטר, ויהיו המעות חוב עליה לכשתתאלמן או תתגרש. ובהא מתניתין נמי הלכה כרבן יוחנן בן זכאי: