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Mishnayos Eruvin Perek 7 Mishnah 3

עירובין פרק ז׳ משנה ג׳


With regard to a ditch between two courtyards that is ten handbreadths deep and four handbreadths wide, it is considered a full-fledged partition, and the residents of the courtyard establish two eiruvin, one for each courtyard, but they may not establish one eiruv. Even if the ditch is filled with straw or hay, it is not regarded as sealed and is therefore not nullified. However, if the ditch is filled with dirt or pebbles, the residents establish one eiruv, but they may not establish two eiruvin, as the ditch is nullified and considered nonexistent.

חָרִיץ שֶׁבֵּין שְׁתֵּי חֲצֵרוֹת עָמוֹק עֲשָׂרָה וְרָחָב אַרְבַּע, מְעָרְבִין שְׁנַיִם וְאֵין מְעָרְבִין אֶחָד, אֲפִלּוּ מָלֵא קַשׁ אוֹ תֶבֶן. מָלֵא עָפָר, אוֹ צְרוֹרוֹת, מְעָרְבִין אֶחָד, וְאֵין מְעָרְבִין שְׁנָיִם:


חריץ – it is long and interrupts on the surface of the entire courtyard.

ורחב ד' – for less than this, it is easy to walk from border to border/rim to rim.

ואפילו מלא תבן וקש – it is not a closure, for it does not abolish/suspend for him [going] to there for he will ultimately take it [to bring to his animals].

חריץ. ארוך הוא ומפסיק על פני כל החצר כולה:

ורחב ד׳ דפחות מכאן נוח לפסעו משפתו לשפתו:

ואפילו מלא תבן וקש. לאו סתימה היא, דלא מבטל ליה להתם דסופו ליטלו: