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Mishnayos Eruchin Perek 3 Mishnah 3

ערכין פרק ג׳ משנה ג׳


There are halakhot with regard to a forewarned ox that killed a Canaanite slave that are lenient and others that are stringent; how so? Both in the case of an ox that killed the most attractive among the slaves, whose value is great, and likewise in the case of one that killed the most unsightly among the slaves, whose value is minimal, its owner gives payment of thirty sela, the fine stated in the Torah (Exodus 21:32), to the owner of the slave. If the ox killed a freeman, its owner gives his price as payment to his heirs. This sum can be more or less than thirty shekels. If the ox injured this slave or that freeman, he gives payment of the full cost of the damage as compensation.

בְּשׁוֹר הַמּוּעָד שֶׁהֵמִית אֶת הָעֶבֶד לְהָקֵל וּלְהַחֲמִיר. כֵּיצַד. אֶחָד שֶׁהֵמִית אֶת הַנָּאֶה שֶׁבָּעֲבָדִים וְאֶת הַכָּעוּר שֶׁבָּעֲבָדִים, נוֹתֵן שְׁלשִׁים סֶלַע. הֵמִית בֶּן חוֹרִין, נוֹתֵן אֶת שָׁוְיוֹ. חָבַל בָּזֶה וּבָזֶה, מְשַׁלֵּם נֶזֶק שָׁלֵם:


המית בן חורין נותן את שוויו – as it is written (Exodus 21:30): “If ransom is laid upon him, he must pay whatever is laid upon him to redeem his life,” the fee for the one who suffered damage.

חבל בזה ובזה – whether on a slave or a free person, and he did not kill him, he pays full damages.

המית בן חורין נותן את שוויו. דכתיב (שמות כ״א:ל׳) אם כופר יושת עליו ונתן פדיון נפשו, דמי ניזק:

חבל בזה ובזה. בין בעבד בין בבן חורין, ולא המיתו. משלם נזק שלם: