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Mishnayos Demai Perek 6 Mishnah 10

דמאי פרק ו׳ משנה י׳


A convert and a gentile who inherited [the property of] their father, a gentile: he (the convert) can say [to his brother the gentile]: “You take the idols and I will take the money,” or: “You take the wine and I will take the produce.” But from the time [that any part of the inheritance] came into the possession of the convert, he is forbidden [to say so].

גֵּר וְגוֹי שֶׁיָּרְשׁוּ אֶת אֲבִיהֶם גּוֹי, יָכוֹל הוּא לוֹמַר, טֹל אַתָּה עֲבוֹדָה זָרָה וַאֲנִי מָעוֹת, אַתָּה יַיִן וַאֲנִי פֵרוֹת. וְאִם מִשֶּׁבָּאוּ לִרְשׁוּת הַגֵּר, אָסוּר:


טול אתה עבודת כוכבים ואני מעות – even though that they exchange idolatry and wine known to have been manipulated by an idolater they are forbidden to derive benefit from them, here it is permitted until they don’t come in to his (i.e., the convert’s) hand because the inheritance by a convert of his [non-Jewish] father is not from the Torah, but rather from the Scribes/Soferim (i.e., scholars of the ante-Tannaitic period beginning with Ezra). And this is not similar to a person who is a member of the order for the observance of the Levitical laws in daily intercourse/חבר and an עם הארץ /a person who does not observe certain religious customs regarding tithes and Levitical cleanness who inherited their father who was an עם הארץ – for even prior to it coming to his hand, it is prohibited to tell him: “you take the wheat and I will take the barley,” for there, the inheritance is from the Torah, and it is as if it had come into his hand.

טול אתה עבודת כוכבים ואני מעות. אע״ג דחלופי עבודת כוכבים ויין נסך אסורים בהנאה הכא שרי עד שלא באו לידו משום דירושת גר את אביו אינה מן התורה אלא מדברי סופרים. ולא דמי לחבר ועם הארץ שירשו את אביהם עם הארץ דאפילו קודם שבאו לידו אסור לומר לו טול אתה חטים ואני שעורים, דהתם הויא ירושה דאורייתא והוי כאילו בא לידו: