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Mishnayos Chagigah Perek 2 Mishnah 4

חגיגה פרק ב׳ משנה ד׳


If the festival of Shavuot occurs on the eve of Shabbat, Beit Shammai say: The day of slaughter is after Shabbat, on Sunday. This is the day on which the animals brought in honor of the pilgrim Festival are slaughtered, since they maintain that the Festival burnt-offering is not sacrificed on the Festival day itself but on the following day, and all burnt-offerings vowed by individuals are postponed to the following day. And Beit Hillel say: The day of slaughter is not after Shabbat. Since the slaughter may be performed on the Festival day itself, it is unnecessary to postpone it. But they concede that if Shavuot occurs on Shabbat, the day of slaughter is after Shabbat. The mishna relates that when the day of slaughter was on a Sunday, the High Priest would not dress in his festive garments but would wear his regular clothing. And all were permitted to eulogize and fast on this day. This was done in order not to uphold and reinforce the opinion of the Sadducees, who would say: Shavuot must always occur after Shabbat. As the day of slaughter was on Sunday, it was necessary to demonstrate that we do not accept the view of the Sadducees, and that the day is not a Festival.

עֲצֶרֶת שֶׁחָל לִהְיוֹת בְּעֶרֶב שַׁבָּת, בֵּית שַׁמַּאי אוֹמְרִים, יוֹם טְבוֹחַ אַחַר הַשַּׁבָּת. וּבֵית הִלֵּל אוֹמְרִים, אֵין יוֹם טְבוֹחַ אַחַר הַשַּׁבָּת. וּמוֹדִים שֶׁאִם חָל לִהְיוֹת בְּשַׁבָּת, שֶׁיּוֹם טְבוֹחַ אַחַר הַשַּׁבָּת. וְאֵין כֹּהֵן גָּדוֹל מִתְלַבֵּשׁ בְּכֵלָיו, וּמֻתָּרִין בְּהֶסְפֵּד וּבְתַעֲנִית, שֶׁלֹּא לְקַיֵּם דִּבְרֵי הָאוֹמְרִין עֲצֶרֶת אַחַר הַשַּׁבָּת:


יום טבוח –the day of the slaughter of the burnt-offerings of appearance [at the Temple] of the Festival day. לאחר השבת – they are not offered either on the Festival day nor on Shabbat. But [the holiday] of Atzeret/Shavuot has indemnity/payment all seven [days] like Passover and Shavuot.

וב"ה אומרים אין לה יום טבוח – it does not require the slaughtering and preparation of the pilgrim’s offering, as it is permitted to offer them on the Festival days. As the School of Hillel, according to its reasoning when they state that we bring peace-offerings and burnt offerings on the Festival days, and the Tanna/teacher comes to teach us that even where it is impossible to do it on the morrow, such as the case where Shavuot occurs on Friday, even in this, the School of Shammai states that the burnt-offerings of appearance [at the Temple] are not offered on the Festival day, and they postponed it it until after the Sabbath.

אין כהן גדול מתלבש – in his beautiful utensils/raiment, on the day of slaughter and preparation of the pilgrim’s offering of Atzeret/Shavuot that is after the Sabbath, in order that he should not adorn himself on that self-same day, that everyone would understand that this day is not a Festival.

שלא לקיים דברי האומרים עצרת אחר שבת – for the Sadducees would say that Atzeret/Shavuot always [occurs] after Shabbat, as it is written (Leviticus 23:15): “And from [the day on which you bring the sheaf of elevation offering] – the day after the sabbath, [you shall count off seven weeks. They must be complete],” and they say that “the day after the sabbath” in the beginning [of Passover] and if so, Atzeret/Shavuot will always fall on Sunday.

יום טבוח. יום שחיטת עולות ראיה של יו״ט לאחר השבת שאין קרבים לא ביו״ט ולא בשבת. ועצרת יש לה תשלומין כל שבעה כפסח וסוכות:

וב״ה אומרים אין לה יום טבוח. אינה צריכה יום טבוח, שמותר להקריבן ביו״ט. וב״ה לטעמייהו דאמרי מביאין שלמים ועולות ביום טוב. ואשמעינן תנא דאפילו היכא דלא אפשר למיעבד למחר, כגון דחל עצרת בערב שבת אפילו בהא אמרי בית שמאי דאין עולת ראיה קריבה ביו״ט ודחו לה עד לאחר השבת:

אין כהן גדול מתלבש. בכלים נאים שלו, ביום טבוח של עצרת שאחר השבת. כדי שלא יתנאה באותו היום, שיבינו הכל שאין היום יו״ט:

שלא לקיים דברי האומרים עצרת אחר שבת. שהיו הצדוקים אומרים לעולם עצרת אחר שבת, דכתיב (ויקרא כ״ג:ט״ו) וספרתם לכם ממחרת השבת, והן אומרים ממחרת שבת בראשית וא״כ לעולם חל עצרת באחד בשבת: