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Mishnayos Yoma Perek 3 Mishnah 6

יומא פרק ג׳ משנה ו׳


They brought the High Priest to immerse a second time in the Hall of Parva, which was in the sacred area, the Temple courtyard. They spread a sheet of fine linen between him and the people in the interest of modesty. And he sanctified his hands and his feet and removed his garments. Rabbi Meir says that this was the sequence: He first removed his garments and then he sanctified his hands and his feet. He descended and immersed a second time. He ascended and dried himself. And they immediately brought him the white garments, in which he dressed, and he sanctified his hands and his feet.

הֱבִיאוּהוּ לְבֵית הַפַּרְוָה, וּבַקֹּדֶשׁ הָיְתָה. פָּרְסוּ סָדִין שֶׁל בּוּץ בֵּינוֹ לְבֵין הָעָם, קִדֵּשׁ יָדָיו וְרַגְלָיו וּפָשַׁט. רַבִּי מֵאִיר אוֹמֵר, פָּשַׁט, קִדֵּשׁ יָדָיו וְרַגְלָיו. יָרַד וְטָבַל, עָלָה וְנִסְתַּפֵּג. הֵבִיאוּ לוֹ בִגְדֵי לָבָן, לָבַשׁ וְקִדֵּשׁ יָדָיו וְרַגְלָיו:


לבית הפרוה – One sorcerer whose name is Parvah built it (i.e., the chamber) and it is called by his name.

ובקודש היתה – that this second ritual immersion with all the rest of the ritual immersions, except for the first one, requires a sanctified place, as it is written (Leviticus 16:24): “He shall bathe his body in water in the holy precinct [and put on his vestments; then he shall come out and offer his burnt offering and the burnt offering of the people, making expiation for himself and for the people].”

ר"מ אומר – he first took off his clothing and afterwards sanctified [himself]. But the Halakha is not according to Rabbi Meir.

בגדי לבן – the priest’s undercoat (see Tractate Yoma 35b), undergarment, belt and turban that are mentioned in the Torah portion of Ahare Mot (chapter 16), for all of the inner Divine service was with them, but the outer Divine service such as the daily offerings and the Musaf offering were [offered] in golden garments which he would use the entire year, and between each change of clothing requires ritual immersion and two sanctifications of the hands and feet from the laver [for the priests in the Temple court].

לבית הפרוה. מכשף אחד ששמו פרוה בנאה ונקראת על שמו:

ובקודש היתה. שטבילה שניה זו עם כל שאר טבילות, חוץ מן הראשונה, טעונות מקום קדוש, כדכתיב (ויקרא ט״ז:כ״ד) ורחץ את בשרו במים במקום קדוש:

רבי מאיר אומר. פשט תחלה ואח״כ מקדש. ואין הלכה כרבי מאיר:

בגדי לבן. כתונת, ומכנסים, ואבנט, ומצנפת האמורים בפרשת אחרי מות, שכל עבודות פנימיות היו בהן. ועבודות חיצונות כגון תמידין ומוספין היו בבגדי זהב שהוא משמש בהן כל השנה כולה. ובין כל חליפה וחליפה טעון טבילה ושתי קדושי ידים ורגלים מן הכיור: