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Mishnayos Shekalim Perek 2 Mishnah 3

שקלים פרק ב׳ משנה ג׳


With regard to one who gathers together small coins and said: These are for my shekel, and subsequently discovered that it amounted to more than a half-shekel. Beit Shammai say: The leftover coins are placed in the collection horn designated for a free-will offering, as the money is consecrated property but it does not have the status of a shekel. Beit Hillel say: The leftover money is non-sacred property since, ab initio, he had in mind to consecrate a half-shekel and no more. An item that was consecrated by mistake does not have the status of consecrated property. However, if he originally said: I am gathering together this money so that I will bring my shekel from these, they agree that the leftover money is non-sacred property. If one who was obligated to bring a sin-offering gathered together coins and said: These are for my sin-offering, then if he had accumulated more than was needed, they agree that the leftover money must be designated as a free-will offering. However, if he originally said: That I will bring my sin-offering from these, they agree that the leftover money is non-sacred property.

הַמְכַנֵּס מָעוֹת וְאָמַר, הֲרֵי אֵלּוּ לְשִׁקְלִי, בֵּית שַׁמַּאי אוֹמְרִים, מוֹתָרָן נְדָבָה. וּבֵית הִלֵּל אוֹמְרִים, מוֹתָרָן חֻלִּין. שֶׁאָבִיא מֵהֶן לְשִׁקְלִי, שָׁוִין שֶׁמּוֹתָרָן חֻלִּין. אֵלּוּ לְחַטָאת, שָׁוִין שֶׁהַמּוֹתָר נְדָבָה. שֶׁאָבִיא מֵהֶן לְחַטָאת, שָׁוִין שֶׁהַמּוֹתָר חֻלִּין:


המכנס מעות – he collects/gathers bit by bit, penny by penny for his [one-half] shekel and states when he began to collect/gather that these are for his [one-half] shekel. But when he comes to consider what he has gathered and found that there was excess to his shekel.

ב"ש אומרים מותרן נדבה – they would fall to the horn-shaped chests in the Temple, that stand to offer with their monies burnt offerings of the summer for the altar. And the School of Shammai, according to the reasoning, hold that whatever is dedicated to the Temple property, in error, is called dedicated to Temple property.

ובה"א מותרן חולין – for they did not intend this to be sanctified, but only up to their [obligatory one-half] Shekel.

שאביא מהן שקלי שוין שמותר חולין – for it is like saying explicitly – that if I bring in more than a Shekel, I will bring from them a Shekel and the remainder will be non-holy produce.

אלו לחטאתי – and if he gathered/collected monies and said, “these are for my sin-offering,” the School of Hillel agrees that the remainder is a free-will offering.

המכנס מעות. כונס מעט מעט פרוטה אחר פרוטה לשקלו, ואמר כשהתחיל לכנס, הרי אלו לשקלי, וכשבא לחשוב מה שכנס מצא שהותירו על שקלו:

ב״ש אומרים מותרן נדבה. יפלו לשופרות שבמקדש, שעומדים להקריב בדמיהן עולות קיץ למזבח. וב״ש לטעמייהו דאית להו הקדש בטעות שמיה הקדש:

ובה״א מותרן חולין. דלא נתכוין זה להקדיש אלא עד כדי שקלו:

שאביא מהן שקלי שוין שהמותר חולין. דהוי כאומר בפירוש אם אכניס יותר משקל אביא מהם שקל והמותר יהא חולין:

אלו לחטאתי. ואם כנס מעות ואמר הרי אלו לחטאתי, מודו ב״ה שהמותר נדבה: