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Mishnayos Shabbos Perek 10 Mishnah 3

שבת פרק י׳ משנה ג׳


One who carries out an object into the public domain on Shabbat, whether he carried it out in his right hand or in his left hand, whether he carried it in his lap or on his shoulders, he is liable. All of these are typical methods of carrying out an object, as this was the method of carrying the sacred vessels of the Tabernacle employed by the sons of Kehat in the desert. All labors prohibited on Shabbat are derived from the Tabernacle, including the prohibited labor of carrying out from domain to domain. But one who carries an object out in an unusual, backhanded manner, or with his foot, or with his mouth, or with his elbow, with his ear, or with his hair, or with his belt [punda] whose opening faced downward, or between his belt and his cloak, or with the hem of his cloak, or with his shoe, or with his sandal, he is exempt because he did not carry it out in a manner typical of those who carry.

הַמּוֹצִיא בֵּין בִּימִינוֹ בֵּין בִּשְׂמֹאלוֹ, בְּתוֹךְ חֵיקוֹ אוֹ עַל כְּתֵפוֹ, חַיָּב, שֶׁכֵּן מַשָּׂא בְנֵי קְהָת. כִּלְאַחַר יָדוֹ, בְּרַגְלוֹ, בְּפִיו וּבְמַרְפְּקוֹ, בְּאָזְנוֹ וּבִשְׂעָרוֹ, וּבְפֻנְדָּתוֹ וּפִיהָ לְמַטָּה, בֵּין פֻּנְדָּתוֹ לַחֲלוּקוֹ, וּבִשְׂפַת חֲלוּקוֹ, בְּמִנְעָלוֹ, בְּסַנְדָּלוֹ, פָּטוּר, שֶׁלֹּא הוֹצִיא כְּדֶרֶךְ הַמּוֹצִיאִין:


שכן משא בני קהת – they would carry it on their shoulders and the right or left and the bosom are the way of the world.

מרפקו – the middle joint of he arm and in Arabic, such is its name: “Marpik.”

באפונדתו – a hallowed out area.

פיה למטה – that is not the manner of removing something, but if its opening is upwards, this is the manner of taking something out. Another explanation of אפונדתו – clothing that one wears close to the skin to receive the sweat, and is customary to make it in like pouches/pockets and where they turn it inside out from the bottom to the top, the opening of the pocket is below.

שפת חלקו – the lowest rim of the shirt/garment.

שכן משא בני קהת. בכתף ישאו, וימין ושמאל וחיק אורחא דארעא:

מרפקו. הפרק האמצעי שבזרוע, ובערבי כך שמו מרפ״ק:

באפונדתו. אזור חלול:

פיה למטה. אין דרך הוצאה בכך. אבל פיה למעלה דרך הוצאה בכך. פירוש אחר, אפונדתו בגד שלובש סמוך לבשרו לקבל הזיעה, ורגילין לעשות בו כעין כיסין, וכשמהפכים אותו מלמטה למעלה נמצא פי הכיס למטה:

שפת חלוקו. השפה התחתונה של חלוק: