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Mishnayos Shabbos Perek 10 Mishnah 1

שבת פרק י׳ משנה א׳


One who stores a seed for sowing, or as a sample, or for medicinal purposes and carried it out on Shabbat is liable for carrying out any amount. By storing that measure, he indicates that it is significant to him. Therefore, he is liable for carrying it, despite the fact that what he carried out is less than the halakhic measure that determines liability for that item. And any other person is only liable for carrying it out on Shabbat if he carries out its measure for liability. If one stored the seed, carried it out, and then brought it back in, with no intention to utilize it for the specific purpose for which he stored it, he is only liable if he brought in its measure for liability (Rav Shmuel Strashun).

הַמַּצְנִיעַ לְזֶרַע וּלְדֻגְמָא וְלִרְפוּאָה, וְהוֹצִיאוֹ בְּשַׁבָּת, חַיָּב בְּכָל שֶׁהוּא. וְכָל אָדָם אֵין חַיָּב עָלָיו אֶלָּא כְשִׁעוּרוֹ. חָזַר וְהִכְנִיסוֹ, אֵינוֹ חַיָּב עָלָיו אֶלָּא כְשִׁעוּרוֹ:


המצניע – prior to Shabbat

לזרע ולדוגמא – to demonstrate that he has artist’s materials and that [people] will buy from him.

ולרפואה – and he forgot on Shabbat why he had stored them away and merely took them out, he is culpable however small the amount, for on the first thought he took it out and considering it.

Rather the amount of every measurement that is described here.

חזר והכניסו – he who stored it away less than its prescribed quantity and removed it, if he considered it that it wasn’t to sow it and then went back and brought it in.

אינו חייב – in his bringing this in other than if it has the complete prescribed quantity for since he had considered not to so it, his intention was nullified and he is like any person.

המצניע. קודם השבת:

לזרע ולדוגמא. להראות שיש לו סממנים ויקנו ממנו:

ולרפואה. ושכח בשבת למה הצניע, והוציאו סתם, חייב עליו בכל שהוא, שעל דעת הראשונה הוציאו והא אחשביה:

אלא כשיעורו. כל אחד שעור המפורש בו:

חזר והכניסו. זה שהצניע פחות מכשיעור והוציאו, אם נמלך בו שלא לזרעו וחזר והכניסו:

אינו חייב. בהכנסה זו אא״כ יש בו שיעור שלם, דכיון דנמלך שלא לזרעו בטלה מחשבתו והרי הוא ככל אדם: