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Mishnayos Pesachim Perek 1 Mishnah 5

פסחים פרק א׳ משנה ה׳


And furthermore, Rabbi Yehuda said: Two disqualified loaves of a thanks-offering are placed on the bench in the colonnade in the Temple as an indicator. There was a specially designated place for these loaves in the Temple. As long as the loaves are placed there, the entire nation continues to eat leaven. When one of the loaves was taken away, the people know that the time had come to place the leaven in abeyance, meaning that they neither eat nor burn their leaven. When they were both taken away, the entire nation began burning their leaven. Rabban Gamliel says that the times are divided differently: Non-sacred foods are eaten the entire fourth hour, and teruma may be eaten during the entire fifth hour. Since it is a mitzva to eat teruma and burning it is prohibited, additional time was allocated for its consumption. And one burns all leaven including teruma at the beginning of the sixth hour.

וְעוֹד אָמַר רַבִּי יְהוּדָה, שְׁתֵּי חַלּוֹת שֶׁל תּוֹדָה פְסוּלוֹת מֻנָּחוֹת עַל גַּג הָאִצְטַבָּא. כָּל זְמַן שֶׁמֻּנָּחוֹת, כָּל הָעָם אוֹכְלִים. נִטְּלָה אַחַת, תּוֹלִין, לֹא אוֹכְלִין וְלֹא שׂוֹרְפִין. נִטְּלוּ שְׁתֵּיהֶן, הִתְחִילוּ כָל הָעָם שׂוֹרְפִין. רַבָּן גַּמְלִיאֵל אוֹמֵר, חֻלִּין נֶאֱכָלִין כָּל אַרְבַּע, וּתְרוּמָה כָּל חָמֵשׁ, וְשׂוֹרְפִין בִּתְחִלַּת שֵׁשׁ:


שתי חלות – of leaven.

של תודה פסולות – which were invalidated for use by being kept overnight, since because there loaves of thanksgiving [offerings] on the thirteenth of Nisan, for everyone who had a thanksgiving offering to bring brought it on the thirteenth, they were invalidated for use by being kept overnight for the morning of the fourteenth. The thanksgiving loaves were forty Hallot, ten of them were leavened. And the thanksgiving offering were eaten day and night, and if they would bring them on the fourteenth, the ones of Hametz would not be eaten other than until the sixth hour, for it is forbidden to bring a sacrifice on the day when the time for their being eaten would be reduced, for one does not wittingly cause bring holy things (i.e., sacred meat) to a place where the unfit things are burnt (see Mishnah Zevahim, Chapter 8, Mishnah 3). Therefore, whomever had to bring a thanksgiving sacrifice would bring it on the thirteenth, but would not be able to bring it on the fourteenth and all the more so during Passover, for they would be invalidated for use by being kept overnight on the fourteenth day since for they would not be eaten so much, and because of this, invalidated ones were given there, for since they were not fit, no one would give them to invalidate them by their hands.

שמונחות – there until the time of getting rid of [the leavened products] they would be burned.

על גג האצטבא – that was on the Temple Mount, in order that they should see them there as a sign.

אחת מהן – at the beginning of the fifth hour, an agent of the Jewish court would come and take one and all the people would recognize that the time of the fifth hour had arrived and would hold them in suspense.

ותרומת כל חמש – for it is forbidden to lose holy meat by one’s hands all the while that one can eat them.

ושורפין בתחילת שש – for now it is certain that most people erred between the sixth and the seventh hour. But the Halakha is not according to Rabban Gamaliel.

שתי חלות. של חמץ:

של תודה פסולות. שנפסלו בלינה. שמתוך שהן מרובות לחמי תודה בי״ג בניסן, שכל מי שיש לו תודה להביא מביאה בי״ג, נפסלות בלינה לבוקר של י״ד. לחמי תודה ארבעים חלות, עשרה מהן חמץ. ותודה נאכלת ליום ולילה, ואם היו מביאים אותם בי״ד אין נאכלות של חמץ אלא עד שש שעות, ואסור להביא קרבן ביום שיתמעט זמן אכילתו, שאין מביאין קדשים לבית הפסול, הלכך כל מי שהיה עליו קרבן תודה מביאה בי״ג, דבי״ד לא יוכל להביאה, וכל שכן בפסח, ונפסלו בלינה ליום י״ד לפי שלא היו להם אוכלים כל כך, ומשום הכי דפסולות היו נתונות שם, שאם היו כשרות לא היו נותנים אותם שם לפסלם בידים:

שמונחות. שם עד זמן הביעור ונשרפות:

על גג האצטבא. שהיה בהר הבית. כדי שיראו אותם שם לסימן:

ניטלה אחת מהן. בתחלת שעה חמישית בא שליח ב״ד ונוטל האחת, וכל העם מכירים שהגיע שעה חמישית ותולין:

ותרומה כל חמש. דאסור להפסיד קדשים בידים כל זמן שיכול לאכלם:

וששורפין בתחלת שש. דהשתא ודאי רובא טעו בין ו׳ לז׳. ואין הלכה כר״ג: