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Mishnayos Parah Perek 8 Mishnah 2

פרה פרק ח׳ משנה ב׳


One who prepares the mixture of the hatat should not wear his sandals, for were some of the liquid to fall on his sandal it would become unclean and [the sandal] would defile him. Behold he would say [to the sandal], "That which defiled you did not defile me, but you did defile me." If some of the liquid fell on his skin he remains clean. If it fell on his garment it becomes unclean and defiles him. Behold he would say [to the garment], "That which defiled you did not defile me, but you did defile me."

הַמְקַדֵּשׁ מֵי חַטָּאת, לֹא יִנְעוֹל אֶת הַסַּנְדָּל. שֶׁאִם נָפְלוּ מַשְׁקִין עַל הַסַּנְדָּל, נִטְמָא וְטִמְּאָהוּ. הֲרֵי הוּא אוֹמֵר, מְטַמְּאֶיךָ לֹא טִמְּאוּנִי וְאַתָּה טִמֵּאתָנִי. נָפְלוּ מַשְׁקִין עַל בְּשָׂרוֹ, טָהוֹר. נָפְלוּ עַל כְּסוּתוֹ, נִטְמֵאת וְטִמְּאַתּוּ. הֲרֵי זֶה אוֹמֵר, מְטַמְּאֶיךָ לֹא טִמְּאוּנִי וְאַתָּה טִמֵּאתָנִי:


נטמא וטמאהו- the sandal became defiled and it defiled the person for the [waters of] lustration/purification waters. For the vessels that were defiled through liquids defile the person for the purification, that we don’t count the first and second for purification/sin-offering as it is taught in the Mishnah further on in the chapter כל הראוי/whatever is appropriate (Mishnah 6). Even though that if these liquids fell upon his skin, he is ritually pure, for a person who is ritually pure for the rite of the heifer, if impure liquids came in contact with his flesh, he is pure like he was, except if they touched his hands, because impure liquids defile the hands, and regarding the purity of the sin-offering, we hold that if his hands were defiled, his body is defiled.

מטמאיך לא טמאוני (those things which made you unclean could not have made me unclean) – liquids that defiled the sandal were not able to defile the pure individual, if they came in contact with his flesh, as we have stated, but the sandal that comes from their power defiles him.

נטמא וטמאהו. נטמא הסנדל וטימא את האדם לחטאת. שכלים שנטמאו במשקים מטמאים את האדם לחטאת, שאין מונין ראשון ושני בחטאת, כדתנן לקמן פרק כל הראוי (משנה ו׳). אע״פ שאם נפלו המשקים הללו על בשרו, טהור, שהטהור לפרה אם נגעו משקין טמאים בבשרו, הוא טהור כמו שהיה. לבד אם נגעו בידיו, לפי שהמשקין טמאים מטמאים את הידים, וגבי טהרת חטאת קיי״ל דאם נטמאו ידיו נטמא גופו:

מטמאיך לא טמאוני. משקים שטמאו את הסנדל לא היו יכולים לטמא הטהור לחטאת אם נגעו בבשרו כדאמרן, והסנדל הבא מכוחם מטמאו: