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Mishnayos Niddah Perek 7 Mishnah 4

נדה פרק ז׳ משנה ד׳


All blood stains on garments that are found anywhere where Jews and gentiles reside are ritually pure, since they must not belong to Jews, who put away their stained garments. This is the halakha except for the stained garments that are found in the inner rooms of the house, as these might be garments that the Jews put away there; and except for the stained garments found in proximity to the house of impurity, i.e., the room that women used when they were impure due to menstruation. The house of impurity of Samaritans imparts the impurity that is imparted by a corpse by means of a tent, due to the fact that they bury the stillborn children there. Rabbi Yehuda says: The house of impurity of Samaritans does not impart that impurity, as they would not bury a stillborn child there. Rather, they would cast it outside and an animal would drag it away.

כָּל הַכְּתָמִים הַנִּמְצְאִים בְּכָל מָקוֹם, טְהוֹרִין, חוּץ מִן הַנִּמְצְאִים בַּחֲדָרִים וּבִסְבִיבוֹת בֵּית הַטֻּמְאוֹת. בֵּית הַטֻּמְאוֹת שֶׁל כּוּתִים מְטַמְּאִין בְּאֹהֶל, מִפְּנֵי שֶׁהֵם קוֹבְרִין שָׁם אֶת הַנְּפָלִים. רַבִּי יְהוּדָה אוֹמֵר, לֹא הָיוּ קוֹבְרִין אֶלָּא מַשְׁלִיכִין, וְחַיָּה גוֹרַרְתָּן:


בכל מקום – in an Israelite place.

טהורים – that their presumption is that they are not from the blood of a menstruating woman/Niddah, for they are modest/chaste.

בית הטומאות – the room that the woman use during the days of their menstruation.

קוברין שם – according to hour, in order that they can remove them for another time. And because we don’t know if they removed them or not, they defile in the tent through overshadowing.

בכל מקום. במקום ישראל:

טהורים. שחזקתן אינן מדם נדה, דאצנועי מצנעי להו:

בית הטומאות. חדר שהנשים משתמשות בו בימי נדותן:

קוברין שם. לפי שעה, כדי שיסלקו אותן לאחר זמן. ולפי שאין אנו יודעין אם הסירו אותן אם לאו, מטמאים באוהל: