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Mishnayos Nazir Perek 6 Mishnah 11

נזיר פרק ו׳ משנה י"א


With regard to one on whose behalf the blood of one of his nazirite offerings was sprinkled on the altar, and he became ritually impure before bringing the rest of his offerings, Rabbi Eliezer says: His impurity negates the entire tally, and he remains a nazirite. And the Rabbis say: Let him bring the rest of his offerings and be purified. The Rabbis said to Rabbi Eliezer: An incident occurred involving Miriam of Tarmod who was a nazirite, that the blood of one of her offerings was sprinkled on her behalf, and they came and told her that her daughter was mortally ill. And she went and found that her daughter was dead, and thereby contracted impurity. And the Rabbis said: Let her bring the rest of her offerings and be purified.

מִי שֶׁנִּזְרַק עָלָיו אֶחָד מִן הַדָּמִים וְנִטְמָא, רַבִּי אֱלִיעֶזֶר אוֹמֵר, סוֹתֵר אֶת הַכֹּל. וַחֲכָמִים אוֹמְרִים, יָבִיא שְׁאָר קָרְבְּנוֹתָיו וְיִטְהָר. אָמְרוּ לוֹ, מַעֲשֶׂה בְמִרְיָם הַתַּרְמוֹדִית שֶׁנִּזְרַק עָלֶיהָ אֶחָד מִן הַדָּמִים, וּבָאוּ וְאָמְרוּ לָהּ עַל בִּתָּהּ שֶׁהָיְתָה מְסֻכֶּנֶת, וְהָלְכָה וּמְצָאתָהּ שֶׁמֵּתָה, וְאָמְרוּ חֲכָמִים, תָּבִיא שְׁאָר קָרְבְּנוֹתֶיהָ וְתִטְהָר:


ר"א אומר סותר את הכל – he doesn’t lose all of the days as is stated, but loses all of the sacrifices, and Rabbi Eliezer, according to his reasoning, who stated that the Nazirite is not permitted to drink wine [at this point], but rather, after all of the deeds [together], after the bringing of all of the sacrifices. And when he became defiled prior to bringing all of them, it is as if he became defiled in the morning prior to offering in the name of any of them, and it is that this sacrifice that he offered is as if he had brought them while being filled.

וחכמים אומרים יביא שאר קרבנותיו ויטהר – an explanation: that when he will become [ritually] pure, and that sacrifice which he brought in purity, he should not go back and bring it. Our Rabbis, according to their reasoning who stated that after the single action, it is permitted to drink wine and it is permitted to shave/cut his hair. Therefore, prior to his becoming defiled, it was appropriate to shave/cut his hair and not lose that sacrifice, but the other sacrifices that he offered, from when he became defiled certainly he loses, for the Biblical verse is strict that all of the Nazirite sacrifices should be offered in [ritual] purity.

מרים התרמודית – She was from Tarmod, and the Halakha is according to the Sages.

ר״א אומר סותר את הכל. לא כל הימים קאמר, אלא סותר כל הקרבנות. ור״א לטעמיה דאמר שלא הותר הנזיר לשתות יין אלא אחר כל המעשים כולם, אחר הבאת כל הקרבנות, וכשנטמא קודם שהקריב כולם, הוי כאילו נטמא שחרית קודם שהקריב שום אחד מהם, והוי הקרבן שהקריב כאילו הביאו תוך מלאת:

וחכמים אומרים יביא שאר קרבנותיו ויטהר. פירוש, לכשיטהר. ואותו הזבח שהביא בטהרה לא יחזור ויביאנו. רבנן לטעמייהו דאמרי אחר מעשה יחידי מותר לשתות יין ומותר לגלח. הלכך קודם שנטמא היה ראוי לתגלחת ולא יסתור אותו זבח, אבל שאר הזבחים שהקריב משנטמא, ודאי סותר, דקרא קפיד שיהו קרבנות נזיר כולן בטהרה:

מרים התרמודית. מתרמוד היתה. והלכה כחכמים: