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Mishnayos Megillah Perek 1 Mishnah 7

מגילה פרק א׳ משנה ז׳


The difference between a zav who experiences two emissions of a pus-like discharge from his penis and one who experiences three emissions is only that the zav who experienced three emissions is obligated to bring an offering after he recovers, in order to complete his purification process. The difference between a quarantined leper, i.e., one examined by a priest who found his symptoms to be inconclusive, and who must therefore remain in isolation for a period of up to two weeks waiting to see if conclusive symptoms develop; and a confirmed leper, i.e., one whose symptoms were conclusive and the priest declared him an absolute leper, is only with regard to letting the hair on one’s head grow wild and rending one’s garments. A confirmed leper is obligated to let the hair on his head grow wild and rend his garments; a quarantined leper is not. The difference between a leper purified from quarantine, whose symptoms never became conclusive, and a leper purified from a state of confirmed leprosy is only with regard to shaving the hair on all his body and bringing birds as a purification offering, which are obligations incumbent only upon the confirmed leper.

אֵין בֵּין זָב הָרוֹאֶה שְׁתֵּי רְאִיּוֹת לְרוֹאֶה שָׁלֹשׁ אֶלָּא קָרְבָּן. אֵין בֵּין מְצֹרָע מֻסְגָּר לִמְצֹרָע מֻחְלָט אֶלָּא פְרִיעָה וּפְרִימָה. אֵין בֵּין טָהוֹר מִתּוֹךְ הֶסְגֵּר לְטָהוֹר מִתּוֹךְ הֶחְלֵט אֶלָּא תִגְלַחַת וְצִפֳּרִים:


שתי ראיות – whether on one day or on two consecutive days, and also three sightings, whether on one day, whether on three consecutive days or two [sightings] on one day, and one on the morrow.

אלא קרבן – for a person afflicted with gonorrhea who viewed two sightings does not require a sacrifice. But regarding the matter of making someone who performed the acts of the uncleanness caused by an unclean person lying on an object and the uncleanness caused by an unclean man’s sitting [to become] one of the original or direct causes of Levitical uncleanness and even if he did not touch them, and the counting of seven [clean days] from when his flux stopped, for he must count seven clean [days] before he immerses [in the Mikveh/ritual bath], both of these are equivalent.

אין בין מצורע מוסגר – who requires the locking up of the leper for trial, as it is written (Leviticus 13:5): “[On the seventh day the priest shall examine him, and if the affliction has remained unchanged in color and the disease has not spread on the skin,] the priest shall isolate him for [another] seven days.”

למצורע מוחלט – where the Kohen [declares] him completely defiled.

אלא פריעה ופרימה – this is regarding the matter of banishment and defilement, both of these are equivalent.

אין בין טהור מתוך הסגר לטהור מתוך החלט אלא תגלחת וצפרים – for concerning shearing and the bird sacrifices it is written (Leviticus 14:3): “the leper has been healed of his scaly affection,” excluding the leper being locked up (pending the Kohen’s observation), for his leprosy is dependent upon time (literally, “days”), because even if he was cured, he has to be locked up for seven days. But to the matter of [ritual] purification in the Mikveh, both are equivalent. For someone whose purity [was dependent upon] his being locked up, it is also written (Leviticus 13:6): “[On the seventh day the priest shall examine him again: if the affection had faded and has not spread on the skin, the priest shall pronounce him pure. It is a rash;] he shall wash his clothes, and he shall be pure.” And even though there also are the guilt sacrifices and the LOG (= 6 eggs) of oil, however, here, on the day of his purification and his healing is what is taught, and we are not dealing with the sacrifices that are in [the Torah portion of] Shemini.

שתי ראיות. בין ביום א׳ בין בשני ימים רצופים. וכן ג׳ ראיות בין ביום א׳ בין בג׳ ימים רצופים, או ב׳ ביום א׳ וא׳ למחר:

אלא קרבן. שזב הרואה ב׳ ראיות אינו טעון קרבן. אבל לענין לעשות משכב ומושב אב הטומאה ואפילו לא נגע בהן, וספירת ז׳ משיפסוק מזובו, שצריך למנות ז׳ נקיים קודם שיטבול, זה וזה שוים:

אין בין מצורע מוסגר. שטעון הסגר כדכתיב (ויקרא י״ג:ה׳) והסגירו הכהן שבעת ימים:

למצורע מוחלט. שטמאו הכהן לגמרי:

אלא פריעה ופרימה. הא לענין שלוח וטומאה זה וזה שוין:

אין בין טהור מתוך הסגר לטהור מתוך החלט אלא תגלחת וצפרים. דגבי תגלחת וצפרים כתיב (שם י״ד) והנה נרפא נגע הצרעת מן הצרוע, יצא מוסגר שצרעתו תלויה בימים. שאפילו נרפא צריך להיות מוסגר שבעה ימים. אבל לענין טהרה במקוה זה וזה שוין, דבטהור מתוך הסגר נמי כתיב (שם י״ג) וכבס בגדיו וטהר. ואע״ג דאיכא נמי קרבנות אשם ולוג שמן, מיהו הכא ביום טהרתו ורפואתו הוא דקתני, ולא איירי בקרבנות שהן בשמיני: